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Free Resource For Creating A Will

Being prepared is a key principle of the American Red Cross. We believe it is so important to plan and get one’s financial affairs in order that we have partnered with so that you can create your will online – entirely for free.

FreeWill is a secure, online tool that will take you through the will preparation process step by step.

If you have a simple estate, you can print your legal will to be signed and witnessed. If you have a more complex estate, the same tools will help you document your wishes and help find a qualified attorney near you to finalize your plans. 

Your will is one of the most personal and important financial documents in your life. Without a legitimate will, the government — not you — will decide how your affairs and assets are handled. We know thinking about estate planning may not seem like fun. But, many of us are making the choice to be prepared, and we hope you’ll join us.


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